Powerful Content Management Open Source Price Building and editing a website just got much easier for everyone involved.

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  • Easy to Use

    Take back your website.

    BrowserCMS is easy for anyone to use, and is at once familiar.

    • Browse by an intuitive sitemap of folders and pages
    • Search for content, or browse by content type
    • No IT degree required
  • Easy to Customize

    One size doesn't fit all.

    BrowserCMS gives you complete design freedom to develop a unique look and feel.

    • If you can dream it, you can build it in BrowserCMS
    • Easily extend functionality with our APIs
    • Dozens of pre-built modules available
  • The Easy Choice

    Commercial quality, open source price.

    Built by a commercial CMS company, BrowserCMS offers the quality you'd expect from a commercial product.

    • No more vendor lock-in
    • Available support packages
    • Best of all: It's free
Easy to Use
Easy to Customize
The Easy Choice
  • Features

    BrowserCMS supports larger teams of editors, has a robust set of features as part of its core, allows for varied permission models, and is customizable via modules.

    BrowserCMS includes:

    • Direct in context editing
    • Runs on Rails 3.2
    • Organize content by Sitemap or By Type
    • Extensible Content API
    • Flexible permissions


  • In the Community



    RubyNation 2012

    Speaking on March 24 in Reston, VA 


    RubyNation 2011

    Speaking on April 1-2, 2011 in Reston, VA 

    Acts as conf

    Acts as Conference 2009


    See the video.



  • Why a Rails CMS?

    A scalable and productive website requires the ability to add new features and a simple way to keep content up to date.


    Rails BrowserCMS combines the best of two worlds. Developers can use the highly productive Ruby on Rails framework to extend and add features. Editors can use the BrowserCMS user interface to keep content up to date.

    Benefits of a Rails-based CMS

    • Extendable using Rails conventions.
    • Provides commonly requested CMS features, saving time over custom projects.
    • Makes simple sites easy and complex ones possible, using one API.