The best way to get BrowserCMS is to install it as a Ruby Gem. Before you get started, there are a few prerequisites. You should have the following software installed:

  • The Ruby Language (1.9.2 or later)
  • Ruby Gems - The package management system
  • Rails - The web framework
  • A Rails friendly database - Either MySQL or SQLite along with the appropriate RubyGems.

Get It!

Once you have RubyGems installed, you can install the latest version of BrowserCMS via the following command line script.

$ gem install browsercms

Once BrowserCMS is installed, you can create new projects using the browsercms command line program.

$ bcms new project_name


Getting Started Guide

See the Getting Started Guide for more information on creating your first BrowerCMS project.

Want the Source?

To get the source code for BrowserCMS, you can visit our project on Github.

Get It on Github