BrowserCMS v3.5.5 released

February 12, 2013 20:00

This release features a number of community contributed patches and fixes, plus testing with the latest version of Rails. Release notes are as follows:


  • [#561] Fix invalid code in generated production.rb file (Thanks RoopeHakulinen)
  • [#557] Fix extra column on blocks index page (Thanks metalon)
  • [#543] Allow cms_file_field to use default label (Thanks josiahivey)
  • [#563] Continuous Integration - Get Travis CI up and working for the project.
  • [#539] Fix missing assets on CMS Login page (Thanks korin)
  • [#537] Better support core contributions by removing database.yml from checkin. Run `rake project:setup[mysql]` to create a database.yml for your local database. (Thanks josiahivey)
  • [#564] Update project to Rails 3.2.12 - Ensure tests to pass (there appeared to be some changes in inflection and html_safe between 3.2.5 and 3.2.8)

Rails Updates

Most folks are probably aware there have been a number of rather serious Rails security patches recently. Since BrowserCMS makes use of Semantic Versioning for our dependency with Rails, it should be a fairly straightforward task to just run the following with your BrowserCMS project.
$ bundle update rails
This should get you the latest patch level version of Rails (i.e. 3.2.11 to 3.2.12) with minamal fuss. As a practical matter, we have found the more frequent patching of Rails is can be less painful in the long run.