v3.3.2 Released

September 22, 2011 20:34

This is a maintenance release for the Rails 3.0 branch of BrowserCMS. It should simplify starting new projects and deploying them into production. In bcms-3.3.1, there were a number of configuration changes that were required before sites could be deployed. The 'correct' settings should now be generated when new BrowserCMS projects are created.


If developers still have issues deploying projects into production with this release, please report them on the mailing list. Note that deploying to Heroku is still going to require additional steps.



See for complete details, but here are highlights.


* [#425] db:install should now correctly setup the database in production mode (without needing to edit seeds.rb)

* [#412] Page caching directory should work on more hosting setups.

* [#409] [#427] Added the correct defaults to production.rb so manually editing it before deploying shouldn't be necessary

* [#406] Fixed a bug where having a Link as the first item in a section would throw errors.

* [#428] Updated the Deployment Guide ( to reflect the necessary steps.


Reading this makes my decisions eiaesr than taking candy from a baby.


In content block file attachment acts_as_content_block :belongs_to_attachment => true while uploading a file i'm getting error in my app(deployed in engineyard server) Errno::EEXIST: File exists


Hi, I am sucessfully installed this version in my windows box as well as mac.everything is fine in my mac laptop,no prob's with this os.but in windows box i am facing debuggin error i.e.,automatically stops webrick server when i request any bcms page. can any one suggest the soluton for this.. thanks, manikyalarao p.