BrowserCMS v3.3.0 final release is out

April 29, 2011 20:10


Final release is ready, which brings BrowserCMS into the Rails 3 world, along with some other nice features.



Includes all the Rails 3 goodness, as well as an improve command line tool.


bcms new cool_new_project
bcms demo i_want_my_own_app_template -m
bcms module bcms_pet_store -d mysql


See the new Getting Started Guide here for more details. 

Other Notable Features

  • Rails 3!!! : BrowserCMS now uses and requires Rails 3 (3.0.7 or later). We are also requiring Ruby 1.9.2, though 1.8.7 is 'close' to working.
  • Guides on Github: Removed guides from core project in favor of moving to Github's wiki
  • Better API Docs - Updated API docs so YARD is being used, and hosted at
  • Engines: Both BrowserCMS and Module are now full blown Rails engines, and we have updated the 'module' template so its correctly generates engines.
  • Module Upgrade script: Since all existing modules will require updating, we have provided a commandline script 'bcms-upgrade' to help manage it. Works similarly to how Rails Upgrade does: ( Run 'bcms-upgrade check' in your project to get started.
  • Project Upgrades: The 'bcms-upgrade' tool also has some support for handling upgrades, however its less comprehensive than the module support. See for details on what's involved in upgrading a project to BrowserCMS 3.3/Rails 3.
  • Module Installer: After you download a module (i.e. gem install) which is bcms-3.3 compatible, you can now install that modules easily via rails generate cms:install bcms_news . This take care of adding the gem to your project, copying migrations and adding routes. It should no longer be necessary to call 'script/generate browser_cms' everytime you add a new module.
  • Asset Packaging: All CMS static assets (js, images, html, etc) are now served directly from the BrowserCMS gem, as well as Modules. They are no longer copied into projects, and should make it much easier to keep track of whether a file has been altered/overridden. Any unaltered copied file can be safely deleted from any projects that upgrade to 3.3.
  • JQuery Updates: Core JQuery libraries packaged with BrowserCMS are updated to v1.5.1. As part of this, several libraries have been removed as obsolete or unused, including jquery.dimensions, jquery.contextMenu and jquery.thickbox.
  • New Generators: In addition to the new module installer, to fit with the Rails 3 way of 'namespacing' generators, the existing generators have been slightly renamed, specifically:
  • rails generate cms:content_block   (Was script/generate content_block)
  • rails generate cms:portlet   (Was script/generate portlet)
  • rails generate cms:template (Was script/generate template)


I would like to know is it possible to install this cms as other popular CMS, for example Drupal and WordPress? also is it possible to host this cms on webhosting sites like godaddy and hostgator?

Pool Of Fool

I am using this CMS system and it's great!

Wim Vervoort